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DNA based methods for monitoring macroinvertebrates - Environment Agency Taxonomy Specialist workshop, Shrewsbury, March 2017

A new non-native species discovered in the UK using environmental DNA (eDNA) - University of Hull Post Graduate Research Day 2017 - Best Presentation Prize

A New Non-Native species discovered in the UK using environmental DNA (eDNA) - British Ecological Society Annual Conference, Liverpool. December 2016

Metabarcoding - species detection and community assessment - UK eDNA Workshop, Edinburgh. November 2016

Environmental DNA - Target species detection - COST Action eDNA meeting - Vianden, Luxembourg, September 2016

How much can environmental DNA (eDNA) reflect a local macro-invertebrate community in a freshwater flowing habitat?                     - International Conference on Aquatic Invasive Species (ICAIS) Winnipeg, Canada. April 2016  


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