Rosetta C Blackman

Since graduating from the University of Lincoln with 1st Class (honours) BSc Conservation Biology and Animal Behaviour in 2007, Rosetta has gained extensive experience as an ecologist carrying out both terrestrial and freshwater surveys. She is a full member of the Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management and Royal Society of Biology. As a member of the British Ecological Society she has also taken part in outreach projects with A-Level and undergraduate students as an Ecological Ambassador.

Rosetta worked for the Environment Agency for over 7 years, firstly as an Environmental Monitoring Officer and then as a Technical Advisor in the ecology team. Specialisms include: UK freshwater macroinvertebrate identification to species level, lowland and upland macrophyte identification, diatom and river habitat surveys (RHS). As part of her role, she carried out RHS refresher and accreditation courses as a trainer for internal and external staff.

Rosetta studied for a PhD at the University of Hull (2014-2017) looking at the use of environmental DNA (eDNA) to detect freshwater macroinvertebrate species in rivers - both at a community level using metabarcoding and by developing species specific primers for four high priority invasive species. Since finishing her studies Rosetta has worked with the UK Environment Agency and National Lab Service to apply her research for future routine monitoring programmes.

Rosetta is now a Post-Doctoral researcher in the Altermatt Lab at EAWAG in Zurich, Switzerland developing eDNA for whole biodiversity assessment in rivers.

CV on request.


    Rosetta Blackman -  pulling some stylish moves on a trip to collect water for mescosm experiments. 


Rosetta Blackman - pulling some stylish moves on a trip to collect water for mescosm experiments.